Our History with Self-Insured Entities

Taylor & Mulder actuaries have many decades of combined experience providing services in the insurance industry. In that time, one of our particular focuses has been on self-insured entities. We know that self-insurance presents unique considerations and challenges, and that experience in this area is of key importance. And in that vein, our list of self-insured clients includes numerous federal, state, county, city and local governments, hospitals, universities, university hospitals, railroads, newspapers, transportation companies and national corporations.

Lines of Our Experience

Taylor & Mulder has extensive history in providing actuarial services for self-insured clients
with coverages in general liability, commercial automobile, workers’ compensation, property
insurance, medical professional liability, liquor liability, municipal liability, public officials’
liability, and asbestos, environmental and other mass tort exposures.

Services We Provide Our Self-Insured Clients

  • Projection of Ultimate Loss and Loss Adjustment Expense
  • Calculation of Discounted Liabilities
  • Assessment of Needed Capital
  • Estimating Losses at Various Confidence Levels
  • Determining Funding Levels for Each Self-Insured Entity
  • Determination of Budget Levels
  • Expense Analysis
  • Projecting Ultimate Losses for Future Years
  • Identifying Trends in Claim Frequency and Severity
  • Preparing Certifications, Exhibits, Documentations, Actuarial Reports and Other Support Functions
  • Identifying and Suggesting Remedies for Data Problems
  • Allocation of Group Self-Insured’s Costs to Individual Participants, Departments and Budget Centers
  • Determination of Optimal Retentions for Self-Insurers
  • Evaluation of Excess Insurance Value and Alternatives
  • Assistance in Negotiations with Excess Insurers
  • Cash Flow Analysis for Budgeting Purposes and Planning
  • Calculations of ‘what if’ Analyses for a Variety of Financial Conditions and the Financial Implications for a Variety of Financial Conditions
  • Assistance in GASB10 Compliance

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