Our Expertise in Providing Services to Law Firms

Our actuaries have presented expert testimony before state regulatory authorities in numerous jurisdictions, litigation and tax court proceedings and have worked with employers, regulators, lobbyists, and legislators in evaluating legislative proposals for property and casualty insurance. Our written reports and actuarial conclusions have never been disputed. We have worked with many of the largest insurers such as Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Employers Insurance Company of Wausau, and the Texas Catastrophe Property Insurance Association. In fact, we have never lost a case in which we have testified as experts. 

Beyond expert testimony, Taylor & Mulder can provide your attorneys with invaluable actuarial insight for their clients in insurance litigation, insurance arbitration, and rate hearings. Taylor & Mulder actuaries can provide the expertise to evaluate past liabilities and project the future outcomes of these arrangements. And what’s just as – if not more – important, our actuaries possess the communication skills that are essential in providing expert witness testimony, as the testifying actuary often must explain esoteric technical methodologies to judges, juries, and arbitration panels, each member of which may have little or no insurance expertise.


Our Services to Law Firms

Taylor & Mulder actuaries bring special skills and insight to the following:

  • Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and presenting information and data for deposition, hearing, or trial presentation
  • Quantifying of damages once liability is established
  • Building computer models for settlement valuation
  • Preparing exhibits, documentation, actuarial reports, and other support as needed
  • Assisting the law firm in the formulation strategy on actuarial matters, identification of issues, analysis of the opposing strategy, and explanations of unfamiliar actuarial terms and procedures
  • Analyzing the arguments anticipated from the opposing counsel’s expert actuarial witnesses
  • Assisting in identification of weaknesses and strengths of the cases for each party to the legal proceedings and formulating responses
  • Preparing exhibits, graphs, charts, schedules, and other numerically oriented visual aids for the assistance of counsel
  • Providing deposition and expert witness testimony
  • Providing coaching of outside legal counsel on actuarial terms, applications, and other matters