Captives & Risk Retention Groups

Our Experience

Taylor & Mulder can provide a complete package of actuarial services to captive entities
(including pure captivesassociation captivesagency captives) and risk retention groups. Our
actuaries have been responsible for forming and running multiple captives. Our actuaries have
helped in the formation and operation of numerous captives, risk retention groups, and self-
insured trusts, both domestic and offshore.

Our Services to Captives & Risk Retention Groups

Taylor & Mulder can assist in the formation of a captive or risk retention group and in its
ongoing actuarial and risk management needs.

The decision as to whether to form a captive requires an analysis of the risk profile of the
business that is to be insured, and a comparison of the costs of staying in the commercial market compared to managing the risk in a captive.

Our experience with Captives and Risk Retention Groups includes:

  • providing captive feasibility studies,
  • simulating pro forma financials for estimation of sustainability, and
  • opining on risk transfer in accordance with SSAP 62 and / or FAS 113.

Other actuarial support for new captives or risk retention groups includes:

  • ratemaking,
  • designing rating protocols,
  • predictive analytics for lines with limited loss experience,
  • estimating capital and surplus needs,
  • performing the cost benefit analysis, and
  • evaluating exposures to be included in the risk pool.

We offer assistance to other captive professionals in crafting policy language and establishing
underwriting guidelines and evaluating reinsurance needs.

For established captives and risk retention groups, we provide actuarial analyses and opinions,
support for the accounting function, and assistance with establishing financial projections. Our
actuaries have provided support for risk retention groups involving medical and legal
malpractice, directors and officers, and miscellaneous casualty lines of business.

Our actuaries meet the regulatory requirements necessary to prepare actuarial feasibility studies, and to issue reserve opinions in all major captive domiciles.

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