Our Expertise

Taylor & Mulder’s services to Corporate Risk Managers involve the estimation of liabilities for
all lines of business for total self-insured programs, as well as large deductible programs. Our
actuaries are experts in the evaluation of self-insured liabilities. Many of our clients need a determination of the optimal self-insured retention based on the individual characteristics of each of their programs and their goals. We provide forecasted future finding determinations for each program year, line of business, coverage, and budget center. Our analysis includes program cash flow analysis for budgeting purposes. Our analysis provides the needed elements for excess insurance evaluation at the time of renewal, as well as cost benefit analysis. Services include general consulting and analysis as new issues arise with self-insured programs or large deductibles.

Our Services to Corporations

Each of our senior consultants has experience in the following areas:

  • Projection of Liabilities and Related Expenses such as Loss Adjustment Expense (LAE), for Balance Sheet Purposes for all lines of business on an undiscounted basis
  • Calculation of discounted liabilities
  • Assessment of needed capital
  • Estimating losses at various confidence levels
  • Expense analysis
  • Projecting ultimate losses for future years
  • Calculation of confidence levels
  • Identifying trends in claim frequency and severity
  • Identifying and suggesting remedies for data problems
  • Preparing certifications, exhibits, documentations, actuarial reports and other support functions
  • Determination of optimal retentions for self-insurers
  • Evaluation of excess insurance value and alternatives
  • Assistance in negotiations with excess insurers
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Expert witness testimony

Our reports include easy-to-understand results and conclusions, graphics, and depth and breadth of analysis.

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